The Most Popular Language Learning Apps

The invention of web application simplified our lives significantly. Almost every aspect of our lives is currently covered with some kind of web application. Whether you want to learn how to cook, to do your make-up or learn the new language there is an application that can help you do it easier and faster.

The Most Popular Web Application for Language Learning

The possibility of learning new languages with web applications can save a lot of our precious time, and it is certainly cheaper than paying for those long, tiresome courses. However, choosing the best app among thousands of similar applications can be pretty hard, that’s why we will present you a few of the most popular language learning apps today.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo currently has over 100 million users which speaks enough of its quality and popularity. Native speakers design this application’s courses, and they are available for everyone not only English speakers. Courses are designed to fit everyone’s needs, and even those whose first language is different than English. Duolingo includes over 80 language courses, so pick the one you want to learn and enjoy the experience.

2. Mindsnacks

Even though Mindsnacks has a little smaller offer than Duolingo, it has a few of its own advantages. Mindsnacks is a language app that helps you learn one of the seven available languages through playing games. These short and simple games are designed to help you practice vocabulary, grammar, and listening. The game designs are incredibly cute and funny, but language lessons are excellent. The basic version is free, but if you want to play different games than the ones that come with the free version you will have to pay a little something for a premium account. The fun never stops with Mindsnacks.

3. Busuu

Busuu, as opposed to Mindsnacks, offers full courses in 12 languages, the app alone is free, however, if you want to practice particular language a little more, you will have to pay 17$ fee on a monthly level. However, this isn’t so expensive if you consider the prices of school courses. The app will take you through the unique and enjoyable experience, you will start learning individual words and greeting, then you will practice simple dialogues and listen to the native pronunciation. Lessons are organized according to different topics, so if you need to learn just a few greetings and sentences you can go over travel lesson in no time and get yourself ready for the trip.

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