No More Parking Headaches with the Help of an App

As cities are getting more populated as each year pass, parking problems have become much more than a headache for most people. According to a book called The High Cost of Free Parking, cars around the world are mostly parked 92 percent of the time.

Given that almost everyone has a car or rents one, it’s no wonder that the issue on parking spaces is becoming more and more frustrating.

A Web Application to the Rescue

Amidst this teeth-clenching dilemma, a possible solution has emerged in Toronto, Canada that can potentially lessen or even put an end to this issue.

WhereiPark is a web app that provides people with information on where to park their car conveniently, and lessen the worry of them getting fine.

The app can indicate the location of available parking spaces, how much it cost; allows you to book parking spaces ahead of time, provides notification if there are new parking spaces near you, as well as allow you to post your own parking space you intend to be rented.

In the Collier’s International 12th Annual Parking Survey in 2012, New York has been deemed the most expensive major city to park in with a median average rate of $562 at Midtown and $533 Downtown. Second was Calgary with its $493 rate. That’s got to sting your monthly salary.

With these parking rates bordering the obscene, people have been wincing as they pull out their wallet for this necessity. WhereiPark has given car owners some breathing room in this regard, and an opportunity to profit on this headache.

Additional Income

In Canada, there is a growing popularity among people choosing to live a car-free lifestyle. This opens them up to the opportunity mentioned above.

They can list their available parking space on WhereiPark’s website and place their desired rate for the spot. A parking space can average around $150 a month. That’s almost $2,000 annually with nothing but providing convenience for the next person.

So what’s in it for WhereiPark? Well, if you list your parking space on their site, they add a 20 percent price on it. The 20 percent is kept by the app; you get the original fee you set for your spot.

But this opportunity isn’t just for people without cars. Those who are going to work also have their parking space available. They too can rent this out for someone who’s working near their place – for the rest of the day, at least.

The reason why this app has been successful is that there isn’t really a concrete data available in this particular niche of the industry. And this is exactly what the people behind WhereiPark are doing – provide useful information that is being paid little attention to.

WhereiPark is a great example of technology being used by companies to solve existing problems, and provide fair services to the public. With everything keeping up with this technological age, it’s high time the parking industry does the same.

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