The Best Language Learning Application – Duolingo

Learning languages became a lot easier since the language learning applications first appeared. Today, there is so much of them you cannot even imagine the number. These applications will help you learn the wanted language faster and easier than ever, and the most importantly, they will save you the time and the money you would spend on language schools.


When it comes to language learning apps, there is one name that always stands out, and that’s Duolingo. It currently has more than 100 million users, and it’s completely free. This application is everything you could ask for.

English-speaking courses

Duolingo includes over 80 language courses in total, but it includes 11 for English native speakers. English people can choose among learning 11 languages such as French or Italian with other English-speaking people.

Foreign language courses

Even though we already mentioned courses for English speakers, Duolingo has something for everyone. It includes French course for Portuguese people, English for Czech people and so on. Therefore, hurry up and visit Duolingo, maybe there’s something for you too.

How does it work?

Duolingo is very simple to use, which means it is suitable for everyone, kids, adults or elders. Everyone can have fun and learn some new language with the help of Duolingo. Duolingo design is straightforward, the first things you will see when you enter the app are certain modules or circles grouped according to language skills. Each course starts with the Basics 1 module. Then you can practice phrases and greetings, food, animal names and so on. Set up your weekly goals and start working on yourself. Duolingo will help you learn the new language in no time.

Even though it seems so simple, designing an app like this isn’t easy at all. While creating this app, engineers used Theory of Constraint (TOC) method to bring this app to the perfection. Translating from one language to another can be pretty complicated, especially if you have to translate the wanted word or phrase to the third language. This is why designers used TOC methodology; this method allows them to identify the most severe mistake or constraint and focus on it until it’s no longer a limiting factor for the application.

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