An Incentive That Will Keep You Running

“Come on, what is up with all these noise about health awareness? We get it. We need to exercise. We need to stay in shape. We need to sweat those McDonald’s burgers out, the fries on the side, and the large coke that came with it. We know.”

I imagine a lot of people are like this and yet still aren’t acting on the messages they see. I mean, to be fair, it’s their body and they can do anything with it. Besides, maybe they’re already happy with themselves. Some people are just contented to what they are now and aren’t vain enough to work out just to have a rocking body to show off to everyone.

Go sweat, I’ll pay you

The truth of the matter is everyone is concern about how they look to other people. Some might be giving less attention to it than most, but they still wonder whether or not they’re attractive to that chick studying in the library or that guy playing guitar near their dorm.

Another fact is the instant versus delayed gratification.

Yes, the incentive is going to be months off, and that’s after you’ve put yourself through a lot of discipline and exercise.

So how about this: go sweat those calories out and someone will pay you. No, I’m serious someone will. Still skeptical? Alright, read on.


Okay, first the app is still in progress. I want to throw that out there. But hear me out.

The app called Fitcoin is designed to award people with Bitcoin – a form of cryptocurrency – based on how much energy they’ve exhausted and the length of their physical activity.

It works like this.

First, you make an account where your Bitcoin can be deposited. Then you download the iOS app, punch your basic information, and sync it with your fitness tracker.

As of now the tracker that caters to this app is limited to three choices: the Mio Heart Rate Monitor, the new Jawbone UP3, and Atlas.

Even though developers are still smoothing out the app, others have already tried it. Grant Nicol, one of the app’s designers, ran for four minutes on a treadmill working his heart rate up to 115 beats per minute. He earned 5 cents through that short amount of time.

Kind of cool, huh?

Complementary apps

To make your sweat-to-Bitcoin activity more enjoyable here are some running apps to complement Fitcoin:

  • 5k Runner – its biggest advantage is it’s free. The app will have a voice that will tell you when to run or walk. Its motto is 8 weeks, 3 times a week, half an hour a day – pretty much the same range that other apps use.
  • Map my Run – records your route so you can revisit it. It also records other people’s routes along with their time which gives others the option of beating that time effectively encouraging competitiveness among its users.
  • Zombies, Run! – great app for Walking Dead fans. Put on your headphones and enter the apocalyptic world where you’re cast as a runner – someone who gathers supplies. Good luck avoiding those hoards of undead. Oh, and have fun!

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