Imagine having to suffer all those ads that you can’t skip on Youtube, or those that are clattering on your social media platforms – reminding you that which laundry detergent is best or to watch a sport that you’re not even remotely interested in. Headache inducing, I know. But thanks to Adblock you’ll never have to experience that nightmare again. Adblock is just one of the thousands of web applications out there that make your web surfing time much more enjoyable, and web apps is the very reason this site was made. This leads us to Effective Perl, a site that focuses its attention to anything web app related. First of all, let’s talk about you and why you’re here. I’m going to assume that you stumble across this site looking for articles about web apps. Either you’re writing a paper, looking for an app that could help your business, or just simply want to increase your surfing experience. If so then you’re in luck ‘cause those are the things that we’re covering here – and more. Effective Perl doesn’t just limit itself on a single facet of web applications. It exists on multiple tiers of it. We help business owners figure out which web app they could use to leverage their employees collaboration, iron out wrinkles on the flow of their company, effectively gather and rank data, and many more. Our articles range from the most popular web app to the most obscure, and help our readers identify which app they can use to not only ease their time on the web but also outside of it. Take one of our published post No More Parking Headaches with the Help of an App. In that piece we’ve introduce a phone app that could help people find parking spaces effectively and help them make profit out of it. We also write about the latest on web applications: which programming language is popular among developers, what are the latest trends on web apps, are there any groundbreaking development on the market concerning it? Moreover we will be covering the security aspect of this niche. Another piece that’s on our site titled Web Apps; Among the Top Target of CyberAttacks delves on the matter of why hacktivists and crime groups are turning their heads on web apps and what the users can do to protect themselves from it. So that is what you can expect from us. If you’re particularly interested in what we’re doing and want to keep up with our latest postings simply subscribe to our newsletter. We also encourage you to contact us if you have any questions regarding web apps. We’ll do what we can to provide you with a clear and detailed answer.

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