The PDF Has Been Updated

I just put the Debugging chapter back online. Enjoy.

I have added PDF for two new items: the XS example (Item 47) and the “sockets” example (Item 55). I also added PDF for the index–I’m quite proud of it. Sorry that it’s such a byte pig. If you want to look at it online, I hope you have a fast connection.

The PDF below is now based on the Postscript used for the first printing of the book. It’s possible that it differs from the book in some way (other than the footer at the bottom of each page) but that would be inadvertent. There were not many material changes between this version and the one posted through late November and December 1997. I did fix some typos, code bugs, etc., as part of my final proofreading pass, but there was nothing major. In other words, if you already have the previous versions, you won’t be terribly surprised by these.

I have also added a quick and dirty HTML translation of the Introduction. Once again, I had to do it manually, and there’s no way I can spare the time to do it for any of the “real” chapters. Uggh. I will keep looking for a solution.


Item 1: Know your namespaces.
Item 2: Avoid using a slice when you want an element.
Item 3: Don’t assign undef when you want an empty list.
Item 4: String and numeric comparisons are different.
Item 5: Remember that 0 and “” are false.
Item 6: Understand conversions between strings and numbers.