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The Best Music Apps of 2016

Ever since the first radio channels appeared, we are always surrounded by music. How that music doesn’t always suit our likes, we invented other music

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Basic concepts of Perl programming language

The Perl programming language has existed since 1987, when the American programmer Larry Wall told the general public about his development. If you delve into the name, and the word “PERL” is formed by the abbreviation of the English phrase “Practical Extrfction and Report Language” (Russian. – “Practical sampling and reporting language” (note – literally)), you can understand that for writing applications.

In our case, Perl is a universal tool for creating various Web-scripts and interactive forms for a site that support almost all platforms. For beginners, I would like to briefly explain the meaning of the word “script” in web development.

Changes in the actions of a function, by logical comparisons of given variable values ​​for this function, are commonly referred to as scripts. In other words, the developer of the script assigns to it the circumstances under which this or that action on the Web page will change. The simplest example of using a script. When a user enters a password, the entered information is processed by the script, which in turn will change the user to continue the session or deny it.

Perl is the best tool for writing
CGI scripts to date . Due to its flexibility and simplicity (as opposed to JavaScript), it finds greater use, both among novice programmers and professionals.

Someone will say, why sit for hours and write a script when they are on the Internet at “every step” and of any type (which is only known). To a lesser extent they will be right. Writing a script from “zero” is a time consuming process, and scripts can be freely found, if not on computers (in the “Temporary Internet files” folder), then on different sites (in particular, on ours) and on any server (if on you have a website).

The question is not in this, because they need to be applied with specifically specified values. If you substitute them without having any idea about this (using the “spear” method), then you may be lucky not to completely destroy the script, but you will lose a lot of time.

Therefore, if you decide to become a full-fledged developer, then do not be lazy to learn the basics of Perl. Free reading and understanding of the scenarios will provide you with the opportunity to develop interactive websites (to make “engines” on them).

The Best Language Learning Application – Duolingo

Learning languages became a lot easier since the language learning applications first appeared. Today, there is so much of them you cannot even imagine the number. These applications will help you learn the wanted language faster and easier than ever, and the most importantly, they will save you the time and the money you would spend on language schools.


When it comes to language learning apps, there is one name that always stands out, and that’s Duolingo. It currently has more than 100 million users, and it’s completely free. This application is everything you could ask for.

English-speaking courses

Duolingo includes over 80 language courses in total, but it includes 11 for English native speakers. English people can choose among learning 11 languages such as French or Italian with other English-speaking people.

Foreign language courses

Even though we already mentioned courses for English speakers, Duolingo has something for everyone. It includes French course for Portuguese people, English for Czech people and so on. Therefore, hurry up and visit Duolingo, maybe there’s something for you too.

How does it work?

Duolingo is very simple to use, which means it is suitable for everyone, kids, adults or elders. Everyone can have fun and learn some new language with the help of Duolingo. Duolingo design is straightforward, the first things you will see when you enter the app are certain modules or circles grouped according to language skills. Each course starts with the Basics 1 module. Then you can practice phrases and greetings, food, animal names and so on. Set up your weekly goals and start working on yourself. Duolingo will help you learn the new language in no time.

Even though it seems so simple, designing an app like this isn’t easy at all. While creating this app, engineers used Theory of Constraint (TOC) method to bring this app to the perfection. Translating from one language to another can be pretty complicated, especially if you have to translate the wanted word or phrase to the third language. This is why designers used TOC methodology; this method allows them to identify the most severe mistake or constraint and focus on it until it’s no longer a limiting factor for the application.

The Best Music Apps of 2016

Ever since the first radio channels appeared, we are always surrounded by music. How that music doesn’t always suit our likes, we invented other music applications that allow us to listen to anything we want, whenever and wherever we want it. Today, there is more than a zillion of music applications all over the Internet. However, we decided to present you some of the most popular ones. This way you can choose the one you prefer and step into the world of music prepared.

Google Play Music and Apple Music

As expected, Google and Apple once again have competitive applications, both of which are free. Google Play Music Application offers you full access to the cloud-based music collection, and it can make smart recommendation according to your previous music taste. It includes custom radio stations and you can make your personal playlists, all in all, one perfect app suitable for both Android and iOS users.

Apple Music is a streaming app that will allow you access to any song in Apple’s Music Library. You can listen to any song you want, whether it was a new single from the latest EP from your favorite band or a radio station of your choosing, everything will be available to you. This app, as well as the Google Play Music, is available for both Android and iOS users.


Shazam is one of the biggest discoveries in the world of music. You know the feeling when some song is stuck in your head, and you cannot get it out, but you don’t know how it’s called or who’s the author, well you’re lucky. Today, you can whistle a tune and let Shazam discover a song. If you were at a music festival and you recorded a song you like, brace yourself Shazam will identify it for you.


As many of you already know, Vevo application almost entirely replaced MTV, even though it is sad for some of us, Vevo is one of the few apps that can offer you latest music video premieres and stream live performances.

The Most Popular Language Learning Apps

The invention of web application simplified our lives significantly. Almost every aspect of our lives is currently covered with some kind of web application. Whether you want to learn how to cook, to do your make-up or learn the new language there is an application that can help you do it easier and faster.

The Most Popular Web Application for Language Learning

The possibility of learning new languages with web applications can save a lot of our precious time, and it is certainly cheaper than paying for those long, tiresome courses. However, choosing the best app among thousands of similar applications can be pretty hard, that’s why we will present you a few of the most popular language learning apps today.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo currently has over 100 million users which speaks enough of its quality and popularity. Native speakers design this application’s courses, and they are available for everyone not only English speakers. Courses are designed to fit everyone’s needs, and even those whose first language is different than English. Duolingo includes over 80 language courses, so pick the one you want to learn and enjoy the experience.

2. Mindsnacks

Even though Mindsnacks has a little smaller offer than Duolingo, it has a few of its own advantages. Mindsnacks is a language app that helps you learn one of the seven available languages through playing games. These short and simple games are designed to help you practice vocabulary, grammar, and listening. The game designs are incredibly cute and funny, but language lessons are excellent. The basic version is free, but if you want to play different games than the ones that come with the free version you will have to pay a little something for a premium account. The fun never stops with Mindsnacks.

3. Busuu

Busuu, as opposed to Mindsnacks, offers full courses in 12 languages, the app alone is free, however, if you want to practice particular language a little more, you will have to pay 17$ fee on a monthly level. However, this isn’t so expensive if you consider the prices of school courses. The app will take you through the unique and enjoyable experience, you will start learning individual words and greeting, then you will practice simple dialogues and listen to the native pronunciation. Lessons are organized according to different topics, so if you need to learn just a few greetings and sentences you can go over travel lesson in no time and get yourself ready for the trip.

Web Apps, Cyber Crime, and Measures Taken by those Involved

cyber crimes

The digital realm is leaking in the physical world. As technology trudges on the road of progression the line that separate these two places are thinning by the minute. And the bad and the horrific are passing through back and forth.

A Sobering Number

It’s estimated that nearly half of online businesses are bleeding millions because of cyber-attacks. This isn’t because of the intrusion itself, but also is attributed to customers losing trust to a particular business, compensations, additional budgets allocated to security measures, and more.

If you’re a business owner operating in the digital world heed this warning, especially if you’re incorporating web apps on your site as web apps are the highest target of digital crime at the moment due to the ease an attacker has to overcome to penetrate it.

One of the major cause of this is developers doesn’t really place much emphasis on security when building a web application.

Jeremiah Grossman, founder of White Hat Security offering web security services, said this is because developers see this as a hassle for the reason they find it difficult to gauge the value gain from it, and they aren’t well verse in measuring security.

In a report recently published by White Hat evaluating more than 30,000 websites using their Sentinel services, a staggering 86 percent have been found to have one vulnerability that falls in the “serious” category.

This means that an attacker could partially or completely take over a website, jeopardizing user accounts on the system, retrieve sensitive information, bypass compliance requirements, and, at worse, make headline news.

Measures Taken

As of now there are a lot of developments that are being made in reinforcing the security on web apps. The Asia-Pacific Web Application Market have seen a 34 percent growth in the last two years, and reached a market size of $155.9 million last year.

This just show that the companies involve in e-commerce, banking, and other online businesses are taking urgent measures to protect themselves from these attacks.

But what exactly are these measures that should be followed by developers? What are the best practices when it comes to web app security?

According to White Hat practices such as employing penetration testers, using static analysis into the software code review phase, and executing ad-hoc code reviews of high-risk apps usually yield positive result on certain facets, but doesn’t significantly impact others.

Grossman suggested three web security metrics that every company should track: number of vulnerabilities, percentage of metrics getting fixed, and the speed in which repair is accomplished.

Grossman went on to add that these best practices often positively affect one or two metrics but rarely does it cover all three. Organizations should identify which metrics are the most significant to them and focus their attention to those that’s been recognized.

Another good thing that came out from this is that companies and developers are quickly learning the methods of attacks that are favored by those at the other side of the lake. The next step is creating a security measure that will make it more difficult for these attackers to overcome, and the speed in which this measure identify and counter those attempting to breach the system.

Managing Impressions to Improve Professional Image

The impression we make on others is made within seconds, it build or breaks trust and is why we are either remembered or forgotten.

Whether we do it consciously or subconsciously – we build ourselves as a brand. This brand could be perceived as negative or positive.

If we take into account that more than 90% of our communication is non-verbal, is in how we present ourselves visually, orally, our decorum , facial expressions, gesture, posture, eye contact etc, it is hard to believe that the impression we chose to make is note always a deliberate process.

Where Does Impression Management Fit in Personal Development?

Impression Management is a subset of Emotional Intelligence and according to Howard Gardner’s Spectrum of Intelligences (Frames of the mind, 1983), inter- and intrapersonal intelligence is one of nine types of intelligences all people have in varying degrees. By becoming more aware and emotionally effective in our interactions, we can manage and control the situations we find ourselves in. We can consciously develop our ‘intelligence’ in that area. Our ability to develop our Social Intelligence is a key driver of Impression and Image Management.

Daniel Goleman refers to this aspect of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as our Social Intelligence and his works on the various aspects of EQ are considered as the basis for many other researches and publications on EQ. He states:

People adept at influence are able to sense or even anticipate their audience’s reaction to their message and can effectively carry everyone along toward and intended goal’ … the stratagems used by top performers include Impression Management…

Some companies focusing on Impression Management have done extensive research into people’s preferred looks, preferences, style, personalities, body language and communication style. A good understanding of others goes a long way to facilitate Social Intelligence in our interactions in business and our personal lives. This is specifically effective in negotiations, conflict resolution, closing of more business and building of a specific image in the market place.

All in the Subconscious Mind

Most people have a vivid subconscious mind.

We either like what we see, hear etc. or we don’t. Without realizing it, we then respond accordingly or subconsciously. Malcolm Gladwell states that this process where our ‘adaptive subconscious’’ sizes up the world happens in as short a time as the first 2 seconds of contact. He further points out that we can control and educate our snap judgments and impressions. He also states that first impressions are generated by our experiences and environment and that by consciously altering our experiences, we could change the impressions we form.

Author Milo O. Frank states that we only have 30 seconds to make an impression AND get a message across.

Where to Start with Impression Management?

Therefore, if we can create an image that most people find trustworthy, professional and positive, and this image is true to yourself and authentic, we stand a good chance to interact positively with the other person. This is indeed a program and in fact a change process that must be engineered and managed. However, let me re-iterate that this change must be authentic to someone’s own style, preferences likes and dislikes to be sustainable.

Impression Management fits into the ‘how; we do things. The ‘what’ on its own is often not enough.

An Incentive That Will Keep You Running

“Come on, what is up with all these noise about health awareness? We get it. We need to exercise. We need to stay in shape. We need to sweat those McDonald’s burgers out, the fries on the side, and the large coke that came with it. We know.”

I imagine a lot of people are like this and yet still aren’t acting on the messages they see. I mean, to be fair, it’s their body and they can do anything with it. Besides, maybe they’re already happy with themselves. Some people are just contented to what they are now and aren’t vain enough to work out just to have a rocking body to show off to everyone.

Go sweat, I’ll pay you

The truth of the matter is everyone is concern about how they look to other people. Some might be giving less attention to it than most, but they still wonder whether or not they’re attractive to that chick studying in the library or that guy playing guitar near their dorm.

Another fact is the instant versus delayed gratification.

Yes, the incentive is going to be months off, and that’s after you’ve put yourself through a lot of discipline and exercise.

So how about this: go sweat those calories out and someone will pay you. No, I’m serious someone will. Still skeptical? Alright, read on.


Okay, first the app is still in progress. I want to throw that out there. But hear me out.

The app called Fitcoin is designed to award people with Bitcoin – a form of cryptocurrency – based on how much energy they’ve exhausted and the length of their physical activity.

It works like this.

First, you make an account where your Bitcoin can be deposited. Then you download the iOS app, punch your basic information, and sync it with your fitness tracker.

As of now the tracker that caters to this app is limited to three choices: the Mio Heart Rate Monitor, the new Jawbone UP3, and Atlas.

Even though developers are still smoothing out the app, others have already tried it. Grant Nicol, one of the app’s designers, ran for four minutes on a treadmill working his heart rate up to 115 beats per minute. He earned 5 cents through that short amount of time.

Kind of cool, huh?

Complementary apps

To make your sweat-to-Bitcoin activity more enjoyable here are some running apps to complement Fitcoin:

  • 5k Runner – its biggest advantage is it’s free. The app will have a voice that will tell you when to run or walk. Its motto is 8 weeks, 3 times a week, half an hour a day – pretty much the same range that other apps use.
  • Map my Run – records your route so you can revisit it. It also records other people’s routes along with their time which gives others the option of beating that time effectively encouraging competitiveness among its users.
  • Zombies, Run! – great app for Walking Dead fans. Put on your headphones and enter the apocalyptic world where you’re cast as a runner – someone who gathers supplies. Good luck avoiding those hoards of undead. Oh, and have fun!

Web Apps: Among the Top Targets of Cyberattacks

apps vs cyberattacks

Thousands of web applications are available online. They are essential in enhancing a user’s experience when surfing the web, as well as provide a plethora of other benefits such as those that are provided by Adblock, WhereToWatch, Tweetshot, Postify, and many others.

Due to their popularity, however, web app has been one of the top preferences of cyberattacks.

Method of Choice

According to information compiled by Verizon Enterprise Solution, hacktivists favor web applications attack by 61 percent, while organized crime groups rely on web app attacks by 20 percent.

One of the many reasons they chose this route is individuals and companies alike easily adopt web apps due to ease of download, connectivity, fostering collaboration within organizations, conduct research, store data, and smooth out business transactions.

Once an attacker breached a web app, they can then scour for any resources that are linked to an individual or a company. Valuable data such as personal and banking information are often what are sought after.

Attackers can either sell this information in the black market or use it in phishing scams to target larger organizations.

Web App Firewall (WAF)

While it’s often been said that web app firewall is too complex to set up and manage, Qualys Inc. has recently released a new WAF that can do just that.

Introducing the Qualys Web Application Firewall, one of the very first web app security services to coalesce WAF security rules and policies with WAS (Web App Scanning Solutions) data to tackle security threats in this area.

This new product is equipped with virtual patching capacity enabling companies to make specific adjustments that fit their desired outcome, as well false positive removals and rule modifications which take advantage of vulnerability information from the Qualys WAS.

With the growing concern of hackers targeting web apps, vendors in this sector are providing significant funding in devising a web application firewalls that are up-to-date with attackers’ modus operandi. Additionally, research and data are continuously being gathered to incorporate in WAFs further improving its capabilities through the updates which strengthen the product’s effectiveness overtime.

Qualys WAF is also capable of monitoring a user’s web activity; share this information in the web app scanner which ensures that all visited sites are being scrutinized on the next scan.

Where WAF is Headed

There is still a long way to go in order for WAFs to fully provide a near air-tight protection that investors need. As of now, cyberattacks aren’t particularly inclined in targeting mobile devices. A Google report shows that devices allowing app installation from Google Play has a 0.1 percent of potentially harboring harmful applications. Data from Kindsight Security Labs yielded proximal results regarding mobile infection rate.

However, with mobile popularity today, it may not be long before hackers start turning their heads into this platform. Security experts on web apps should be vigilant in this regard. As the medical field is wont to say, prevention is the best cure.

No More Parking Headaches with the Help of an App

where i park app

As cities are getting more populated as each year pass, parking problems have become much more than a headache for most people. According to a book called The High Cost of Free Parking, cars around the world are mostly parked 92 percent of the time.

Given that almost everyone has a car or rents one, it’s no wonder that the issue on parking spaces is becoming more and more frustrating.

A Web Application to the Rescue

Amidst this teeth-clenching dilemma, a possible solution has emerged in Toronto, Canada that can potentially lessen or even put an end to this issue.

WhereiPark is a web app that provides people with information on where to park their car conveniently, and lessen the worry of them getting fine.

The app can indicate the location of available parking spaces, how much it cost; allows you to book parking spaces ahead of time, provides notification if there are new parking spaces near you, as well as allow you to post your own parking space you intend to be rented.

In the Collier’s International 12th Annual Parking Survey in 2012, New York has been deemed the most expensive major city to park in with a median average rate of $562 at Midtown and $533 Downtown. Second was Calgary with its $493 rate. That’s got to sting your monthly salary.

With these parking rates bordering the obscene, people have been wincing as they pull out their wallet for this necessity. WhereiPark has given car owners some breathing room in this regard, and an opportunity to profit on this headache.

Additional Income

In Canada, there is a growing popularity among people choosing to live a car-free lifestyle. This opens them up to the opportunity mentioned above.

They can list their available parking space on WhereiPark’s website and place their desired rate for the spot. A parking space can average around $150 a month. That’s almost $2,000 annually with nothing but providing convenience for the next person.

So what’s in it for WhereiPark? Well, if you list your parking space on their site, they add a 20 percent price on it. The 20 percent is kept by the app; you get the original fee you set for your spot.

But this opportunity isn’t just for people without cars. Those who are going to work also have their parking space available. They too can rent this out for someone who’s working near their place – for the rest of the day, at least.

The reason why this app has been successful is that there isn’t really a concrete data available in this particular niche of the industry. And this is exactly what the people behind WhereiPark are doing – provide useful information that is being paid little attention to.

WhereiPark is a great example of technology being used by companies to solve existing problems, and provide fair services to the public. With everything keeping up with this technological age, it’s high time the parking industry does the same.

Web Applications: Are These Really Necessary?

web apps

With the plethora of web applications that are being provided by various companies today, it’s quite confusing to pick which one that best suit your need. Business owners can gain leverage by using these apps. The question is which is best?

Choosing Your Web Apps

Social media has really blown up today. So much so that businesses are using it to establish presence in the web, connect with end-users, and announce new content, among other things. There’s Facebook to help you gain a following, Twitter to keep your customer inform and be in the loop of your latest product, LinkedIn, WordPress, there are tons!

If you’re one of these businesses that incorporates a lot of social media then Hootsuite is one of your top pick.

Hootsuite’s Relevance to Your Business

Hootsuite is a web app that allows you to control and manage your social network empire. It caters a lot of websites necessary to gain leverage among your competitors. It makes it possible to monitor multiple social media account in a single place – whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, and many others, Hoosuite has you covered.

Another advantage when using this web app is that if you have a team that’s managing your social network accounts. It’s great on delegating task easily to team members.

For instance, if you have several Facebook followers asking questions about your product, you can simply assign them to a certain member. This way, multiple responses to that particular follower can be avoided when they log in, ensuring you’re connectivity with your followings, as well as increasing customer service. It also allows your team to communicate with each other, as well. Extremely useful if most of the members are working at home.

Hootsuite also provides a weekly overview of the activity you receive from your social network. It graphs the number of clicks received per day, locations of people that are staying connected with your brand, and links that’s getting the most link, to name a few.

Texts and Pictures

Another useful web app is Google Docs. It allows you to view the progress of certain project in real-time. It improves collaboration among the team as you can share spreadsheets and other documents and discuss it without having the entire members to be in a single room.

If you’re a company whose involve in photo editing and is currently finding a web app suitable for your need, you might want to check Aviary. It caters PCs and mobile devices like Android and iOS. This company has gained a lot of momentum since its inception back in 2007.

Features in the Android and iOS platform include, but not limited to, brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, and sharpness control. You can also add basic text, drawing, and has a clip-art tool, and also includes 12 photo filers.

These three are just of the web applications that you can incorporate to your business. Whether or not you would use it is up to you, though there are practically thousands of business owners that have embraced these apps with their company.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, more of web apps out there that offer to make your work easier. It’s just the matter of finding the right one that will actually have an impact in the progress of your business.

“The computing scientist’s main challenge is not to get confused by the complexities of his own making.”

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